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No building decoration technique introduced in generations is as startling and dramatic as dalle de verre or faceted glass. A relatively new technique to stained glass design, dalle de verre, or faceted glass features larger, thicker pieces of glass called dalles set into a tinted epoxy resin. This technique produces a mosaic-like window of pure colors of dazzling intensity. It also allows creative use of the negative space (the black areas) formed by the epoxy resin. While leaded stained glass requires a delicate hand, faceted glass pieces are shaped with wet saws and hammers. Its rough-hewn character lends itself best to direct and vigorous designs. It is a broad medium that generally does not encourage great detail. The colors of faceted glass are very rich and vibrant, and the edges of the pieces may be chipped into facets to provide a sparkling effect. Faceted glass panels are very heavy and resistant to impact damage.

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