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Joy Custom Stained Glass Studio windows bring inspirational color and timeless beauty to your church.

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While we focus on churches, Joy Stained Glass Studio is available for other projects.

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At Joy Stained Glass Studio we are inspired by beauty, elegance, and tradition.

About Joy's GlassWelcome To Joy Stained Glass Studio!

Joy Stained Glass windows bring inspirational color and timeless beauty to your church. Artist Russell Joy has designed custom stained glass for over 30 years for churches and residences from Boston to San Francisco. Our stained glass studio is proficient with a wide range of styles from traditional to contemporary, creating custom stained glass designs to complement any space. Our skilled professionals will listen and work with you to develop the imagery and approach best suited to your needs. Additional input opportunities are available throughout the design process. Clients may visit the studio to see their windows in progress, or receive progress photos via email.

About Russell Joy's Experience in Stained Glass

Russell Joy has been designing and making stained glass windows for churches for 30 years. His ample experience gives his designs a superb attention to detail, a gentle finesse when developing subject matter, and the combination of artistic vision and solid construction which can only come from long experience. Mr. Joy excels in glass painting and fine detail work.

Our Commitment to Quality

Joy Stained Glass Studio uses the finest glass available, ordered on a job-by-job basis to ensure each window is made from the best glass for the job. Made in Europe as well as America, most of the glass is hand-blown, which gives it a richness of color, and a crystalline quality not found in less expensive, machine-made glass. We order from many different glass manufacturers to ensure our clients receive the best glass for the price on each project.

Superior Technique

Joy Stained Glass uses tuck glazing. At each lead joint, one piece of lead is tucked inside an adjoining piece and then soldered, giving the window added stability. Many studios use butt joints where the two pieces of lead are simply placed side-by-side and then soldered together, making a weaker joint. We also apply brace bars, mullions, and protective coverings with a sensitivity to the artistic composition of the window, bending bars around important areas when necessary so as not to leave a shadow across a face, for example. In every detail, on every window, we do our best work.

GlassNo Matter The Style, Joy Has Glass For You

There are three main types of stained glass. Click the images below to learn more.

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